What is the Macy’s Style Crew?
The Macy’s Style Crew is a new “social selling” initiative that enables our corporate and store employees to act as Macy’s ambassadors by creating / sharing shoppable videos / pictures to their social networks. Macy’s Style Crew is comprised of colleagues who are passionate about servicing the customer, participants who want to create unique, authentic content and who want to build their social media presence and get rewarded for their impact. Check out #macysstylecrew on social media for some examples.
What is “shoppable video”?
Imagine seeing a video of that awesome bag you’ve wanted forever. Now imagine a world where you could click that bag straight from the video to Macys.com to buy it. That is what we’re working towards. This is the first step in a very exciting journey in understanding what shoppable video means to Macy’s.
How does it work?
Simple! Think of it in 3 easy steps:
  1. Take a photo / video
  2. Upload and tag that photo / video through the Macy’s Style Crew Platform
  3. Share on social media
Who is eligible to participate?
All Macy’s colleagues are invited to apply.
Does being overtime eligible affect my participation?
No, but the expectation is that you create your content only during scheduled working hours. All time worked must be recorded in the timekeeping system.
What kinds of candidates are you looking for?
Anyone! We want you if you want to be creative, are willing to learn / to grow your skills in social selling, and are passionate about building your social presence.
Will there be training?
Yes, we will provide access to a series of training and tools that will share guidance and best practices around building your network, tips/tricks for using social media, insight into our new fashion picks for the season, etc. The trainings will be available for you to complete when convenient for you. That being said, we encourage you to spark your creative spirit and take initiative to understand how to best connect to your individual network, to service the customer is a new way.
How do I create content?
You can use a phone camera, a traditional video camera, or whatever other video recording devices you have available. Whatever is easiest for you! However, please note that equipment will not be provided.
What content do I create?
Anything, but make sure you’re displaying your passion for the Macy’s brand, products, and family. Make it feel authentic. Be creative. Share content around exciting things that are going on in your store (e.g. events, product launches, exclusives, etc.). We will give you guidelines in our training about do’s and don’ts that will lead to quality content. There will be a training session prior to the start of the program.
How do I get Macy’s products to use in my content?
There are in-store merchandise rental processes available so you can temporarily borrow products, and film with them in-store or off-site. Just remember to return them when you’re finished. If you own Macy’s products that are still in stock, feel free to use those too!
Where do I post my content?
On social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) – make sure you include #macysstylecrew in any post. Feel free to follow @Macys on Twitter and Instagram, as well as like the official Macy’s page on Facebook. Don’t forget to use #macysstylecrew when reposting any Macy’s content to your personal accounts.
Am I required to use my personal devices or personal social media account to post for the Macy’s Style Crew?
Participation in Macy’s Style Crew and use of your personal devices or social media accounts is entirely voluntary.
What if I don’t have many followers?
That’s okay! There’s no expectation to have 1,000 followers, or even 10 followers. Of course, it helps to have a social media presence, but we would still love to work with you if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and learn to grow your follower base and social media presence.
Will you help me learn social media, shoppable technology, etc.?
We will have trainings for major topics, skills, etc. that will be relevant to you as a Macy’s Style Crew member. We are also available ad hoc to help you troubleshoot any tech questions, listen to your feedback, and act as your “customer service” center for needs you may have. However, this program is a great opportunity for you to let your passion for the customer shine, learn the techniques of social selling, and take the initiative to figure out what moves the needle in developing your social presence and engaging your audience (since everyone’s will be a bit different).
How often do I have to post?
There is no minimum or maximum expectation. However, we encourage 1 – 3 posts per week. Hourly and all other overtime eligible colleagues should only post during scheduled working hours. In addition, posting should not distract you or any colleague from servicing a customer. Posting must never interfere with your job duties.
Am I rewarded for participation?
Yes – you will receive a % reward on net sales that your content generates on the Macy’s website, plus a “milestone” reward when you hit a predetermined level of sales with your content.
Other than monetary incentives, what other rewards am I eligible for?
Macy’s Style Crew members will have a platform to share their voice on a larger stage. You will have the opportunity to gain visibility among Macy’s leadership and your broader community. There may be opportunities to be selected to represent Macy’s in future marketing / PR. Some participants may have the opportunity to work with a professional film editor or filmmaker, depending on performance in the program. And finally, you’d be a pioneer in helping Macy’s shape a brand new initiative for the company!!
When do applications open?
April 2nd. They will be open for 1-week and must be submitted by April 9th. Applications submitted after April 9 will be reviewed on a rolling basis once the program is live.
When will I be notified if I’m accepted?
A member from our Macy’s Style Crew leadership team will reach out to you during the week of April 8th.
When does the Macy’s Style Crew begin?
Starting May 1st ambassadors can begin posting shoppable content. Depending on applicant volume, we may need to onboard new participants in waves to ensure appropriate training/support is provided.
What if I need to stop participating?
That’s okay. You can pause your participation for a week at a time, a month at a time, or however long you need. You may also discontinue participation at any time. But we hope that you’ll come back and continuing participating when the time is right.
Who can I contact with any questions not included here?
You can reach out to J.P. Bowgen (Manager, Business Development) at jean-paul.bowgen@macys.com with any questions.

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